A Tour
© tom erlandsen



It was a rather strange year, the year of the Lord AD2000. Full of stress, noise, inconvenience and so on. That why I did not have any concept for my last visit in Oslo, I just strolled around, enjoyed places I like myself without any great ambitions for my photography.
I have, roughly,  parted the material up in four  parts, take a look and think for your selves.

Have a nice stroll............Tom

On the Street 
Just strolling along in Oslo's streets, finding what you might find.

The Park
It is a monumental representation of  megalomania, but I still have to visit the place each time I visit Oslo, you will find more under Oslo 00.

The Castle
Sorry, you do not see this Castle . It closed for the season the day I came to Oslo. I am walking around and around it.

The Museum
The only place to find the old Oslo, since centuries they are tearing down everything  in the city above the age of one hundred or so.